Finding Hope (womens Charlas)

Last week “Finding Hope Organization” had an event in which Lesley S. shared talks about Christ and empowering the women to renewed their faith. Lesley prepare bible studies for these women meanwhile Kayla and Yuri two young women took care of 60 kids, they also were given bible studies ,song and more. Loyal2OneHondurasMinistry assisted in providing the facility and transportation for the mothers and children. Charlies organization help in serving snacks and supervision.


Workers In The Vineyard(Obreros De La Viña) Assisting Trip

Mr. Scott Ledford and Charlie Hoff having a conversation about that days event and the ones to follow.

From the 13th to the 17th of June our organization” Loyal 2 One Honduras Ministries” assisted Mr. Scott Ledford organization “Obreros De La Viña”  in a medical event. We provided transportation to the small villages in the back country . Carolina also provided translations for the team. She assisted in hearing the peoples medical problem and writing them down in English for the american doctors and nurses. It was a very rewarding experience and we are looking forward to help Mr. Scott and his organization “Obreros De La Viña”in the future.

It was an awesome experience to be around the people in the back country that rarely get any medical attention, thanks to “Obreros De La Viña”these are people are able to have medicines, Vitamins, antibiotics and more. Some of the older people mostly ask for blood pressure and sugar test, and not just that; children,women and men were being treated for their medical problems too.



This friday 20th of May we had David Ashbys group (Hogar De Amor) come before the great festivities of carnival! We started to watch a Veggi Tales Movie (Jonah), while the movie was playing the little ones were expressing their creative side and made some good coloring, they had fun. We sat down, had lunch. After lunch some kids play with a soccer ball, the little ones swim in the pool and Charlie had one o one bound with one of the older kids, talk about Christ and how he had worked in  each other lives, the older kids spent time on the beach, then came back they had ice-cream and that ended a great day.

Hogar de Amor April visit

This Monday most schools had a holiday for dia de las Americas (day of the Americas). We had David Ashby’s  group Hogar de Amor come for the day! We started off with a viewing of the ever popular Kung Fu Panda then sat down to lunch. After that we got to express our more creative sides with arts and crafts. Some of kids made beautiful masks (getting ready for Carnival which is in a couple of weeks!) and made some great stuff out of our homemade playdoh. A couple of the older girls opted for colouring what turned out to be some beautiful mandalas. Then it was off to the beach and the day ended with some tasty banana milkshakes. Mmmmmm!


Niños de La Luz/ Children of the light

Niños de La Luz/ Children of the light

Today we received our second group Ninos de la luz (translated it means Children of the Light). They are a local boys home with kids that vary in age from 8 to 22. Fun was had by all!

We started the day off with a trip to the beach and some pickup futbol, seems as it was so beautiful outside. This was followed by lunch and a healthy fruit snack. Then it was off to the races! The boys split into two teams to see who the ultimate champions were of the 2016 Loyal to One Junior Olympics! (This is not yet an official thing…but it went so well we are thinking about it!) The teams competed in such challenges as the water bucket race, blindfolded egg and spoon race, zoom cup (where you see who can blow a cup on a string from one end to the other the fastest), bean bag toss 2.0 (we used upright ladders!) and everyone’s favourite balloon pop, some of which contained various challenges for the boys to do!

It was a great day!

Check out some of our photos of the day in our gallery section.

Charlie, Carolina, Alex and Licia distribuiting rice to locals family in need

Carolina, Licia and Alex, distribuiting rice to Escuela Felipe Sanchez.

We received a generous donation of MannaPack Rice, which is individually packed portions of rice, fortified soy pieces, dehydrated veggies and lots of vitamins. We distributed these to families we knew could use it, one of which is a 33 year-old woman with 9 children. We also went to visit a local school where we gave each of the 11 children a pack to take home and also took the time to say some words in Spanish, English, Italian and French!

Check out some of our photos of the day in our gallery section.

Three, Two, One… English!!

IMG_20160411_180824 (2)

Licia and Alex began tutoring some local kids in the afternoons. Some of them are attending bilingual school and need some extra help while others are just there because they love to learn! Licia plans and teaches the beginners and Alex handles the more advanced kids.

Both tutors and kids are having a blast!

Our first group!

David Ashby’s Hogar de Amor children’s home

Today we received our first group of children! 25 wonderful kids from David Ashby’s Hogar de Amor children’s home came to spend the day with us. We started off with some Easter colouring activities and then sat down to a tasty lunch. Some of the older children chose to watch a movie while the younger ones opted to go outside and try out their bowling skills. After that it was off to the beach- to jump in the waves and have fun under the sun! The day ended on a sweet note with everyone enjoying some delicious cold ice cream.


Check out some of our photos of the day in our gallery section and Helping Honduras Kids’ website